Sun’s out, and skin’s out – which means one thing, and one thing only. It’s time to load up your skincare arsenal to prepare you for the incoming abundance of UV. Being outdoors means that your skin is exposed to all kinds of elements, and those that come along with the summer season can be particularly harsh. Strong rays, abrasive sand, and salty water can all lead to rough and dry skin, and not to mention breakouts – but luckily, FOREO and FAQ’s range of skincare devices will ensure that you can rest easy and put your enjoyment first, and skincare second. 

Being the environmentally conscious generation that we are, many are steering clear of using mineral sunscreens while doing water sports due to the effect that it has on marine life. The alternative, sunscreen mud, is environmentally friendly, but difficult to remove – enter Step 1 of FOREO’s Swedish Beauty routine, cleansing with the LUNA 4. The pulsations of the device make sure that every single pore is thoroughly cleansed out in just 30 seconds, clearing away dirt, oil, and sebum for a glowing and recharged complexion. It is also made with medical-grade silicone to ensure that a LUNA 4 cleanse is always safe for the skin. 

To treat yourself after a day of sunbathing, Step 3 of Swedish Beauty steps in to save the day – hydrating with the UFO 2. The smart masking device takes up just 90 seconds of your day, and uses cryo-therapy to cool the irritated skin, treat redness, and puffiness. Take the session one step further by putting the UFO masks inside the fridge before using them, and get ready for the coolest skin treatment to soothe your complexion. 

Cap off your post-sun day with the FAQ 201 device. Handheld and portable for your ultimate convenience, the device offers green LED light which targets sun damage specifically, helping to rejuvenate the skin in the quickest time possible. The red LED light in the device also helps to plump and lighten any dark spots that may be planning to appear, ensuring you are always Insta-ready on your holiday. 

Increasing in popularity as the playground for Gen Z surfers is Wanning, an idyllic beach town in Hainan. Whether new beginner or seasoned surfer, fans of the sport recognise that there are rituals to be conducted before entering the water. Whether conducting a quick stretch, waxing your hands, or waxing your surfboard, these rituals now include a new addition – protecting yourself against the harsh elements. With surfing being conducted in blocks of two to three hour sessions, surfers are often sitting on the board in the ocean waiting to catch the next wave. The result? Exposure to harsh elements, and at the mercy of Mother Nature. 
To cater to this unique group, FOREO partnered with Loop Surf Salon to conduct FOREO x Loop surfer classes, and also educate surfers on the beneficial roles that FOREO and FAQ devices can play pre and post-surf. The school is located in the best surfing spot in China, and is touted as one of the top ten surfing spots in the continent. Loop Surf Salon is Asia’s largest surf club over 5,000 square meters, and also functions as the national surfing training base,  located in the Riyue Bay, Wanning. Riyue Bay is 168 km from Haikou and 87 km from Sanya, and is one of the world-class bays in China on par with the scenery of Hawaii, Gold Coast, and Bali.

Gen Z surfers group photo in Wanning

The FOREO & FAQ x Loop Surf Beauty Class attracted eight Gen Z KOLs, surfer students, and Wanning tourists to participate. The attending KOLs boast a total of 600,000 fans on social media platform Red, widely known as a lifestyle platform for youth – among them were fashion and travel KOLs Xulaoshi, Joanna Li, and Black, and sports KOLs Le Billyboy, Akasa, Wensley, and Lukina. After participating in the surfing classes, guests were able to have a hands-on experience at the FOREO & FAQ Seaside Beauty Class, in which they used the LUNA 4 go for cleansing, UFO 2 for deep hydration, and FAQ 201 for post-sun skin repair.

Surfers using FAQ 201 for skin repair

 Gen Z Kols Akasa and Lukina in FAQ 201

Global Travel Retail Director Gary Leong said “We are thrilled to be tapping into such a unique customer base in partnership with Loop Surfing Salon, aligning with our mission to target niche customer groups for more grassroots penetration. Wanning is an important part of our expansion in Hainan, and by creating tailor-made activations curated to the interests of tourists and visitors, we can ensure long-term customer retention and increase brand awareness.”

With surfing boasting more than 80 million fans worldwide and a valuation of USD$6 billion per annum, the town of Wanning has wasted no time in tapping into this economic goldmine, with Wanning’s development largely centered around youth and vitality, appealing largely to the affluent Gen Z market. 

Armed with FOREO and FAQ products, surfers no longer need to go back to the hotel room or spa for treatments, but instead can access their new skincare rituals right on the beach, as both FOREO and FAQ products fit neatly into any bag or carry-on. Surfers can now ensure that they are thoroughly cared for and protected – all the while in the pursuit to catch the perfect wave.