Inolex deepens its reach in India with a new Mumbai commercial center

Inolex deepens its reach in India with a new Mumbai commercial center

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Inolex deepens its reach in India with a new Mumbai commercial center

Embracing Ayurveda philosophy through natural, sustainable ingredients
for health, beauty, and wellness

PHILADELPHIA, PA, August 1, 2023 — Inolex is expanding its presence in the growing
Indian market with the establishment of a new commercial center in Mumbai.

The strategic move indicates the company’s ongoing commitment to serving the Indian
beauty industry with natural, sustainable ingredients, particularly aligned with
Ayurveda practices that are deeply rooted in the country’s culture.

India emerged as a key market for Inolex several years ago as the company
resourced further expansion in Asia. The country’s rich heritage of prioritizing
wellness goes hand in hand with Inolex’s focus on green chemistry and eco-friendly

“We recognize the cultural appreciation India has for a more holistic approach to
health and beauty. Our dedicated team has been serving the demand for innovative,
plant-based ingredients in India for years. Now we have an inviting location to
collaborate with our customers and educate on the latest chemistries,” said Art
Knox, Global Head of Sales at Inolex.

The office, which overlooks the Mumbai skyline, displays a thoughtful Indian
aesthetic, including fundamental energy and color principles that value a minimalistic
approach. The space was designed in partnership with the architectural firm, Astiv,
and the engineering firm, Jagatam.

While Inolex’s on the ground presence in Mumbai serves as a person-to-person
sales hub for customers, it also nets a positive impact on the company’s global
supply chain network. Inolex seeks to reduce its impact through an all-in regional
supply chain approach – from localized farmer suppliers to finished product
manufacturing – whenever possible. In markets such as India, the opportunity to secure responsibly sourced feedstocks, manufacture, and provide finished
ingredients to brands all within one region is compelling.

“Making India a priority in our supply chain network strengthens our operations,
contributes to our sustainability goals, and fosters deeper connections with local
material suppliers and our distribution network,” said Puja Agarwal, Regional
Business Director, South Asia, SEA, Oceania, and Japan at Inolex. “We are focused
on building enduring partnerships within the region to ensure that Inolex
technologies can be easily integrated into consumer brands.”

To provide the highest level of service, Inolex has assembled a dedicated and
growing team, operating from the new Mumbai commercial center. The team, led by
Ms. Agarwal, includes sales and customer success specialists who work closely with
brands to understand their specific needs and provide tailored solutions for their
product success.

“We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our customers for their faith and
encouragement,” said Ms. Agarwal. “India holds immense potential, and we are
excited to deepen our presence here by bringing our expertise in sustainable
ingredient technology and commercial formulation to support the growth of the
Indian beauty industry.”

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