The 6th Microbiome Movement: Skin Health & Dermatology Conference is back!

The 6th Microbiome Movement: Skin Health & Dermatology Conference is back!

Hanson Wade Group is excited to announce return of the highly anticipated 6th Microbiome
Movement: Skin Health & Dermatology Conference, set to take place on September 12-14 at in San Diego, California.

The Microbiome Movement: Skin Health & Dermatology Conference is a prestigious annual event that brings together top researchers and industry pioneers across microbiome-based therapeutic interventions and consumer skin health solutions. This cutting-edge conference serves as a dynamic platform to foster collaborations, discuss groundbreaking research, and explore the latest innovations in the rapidly evolving field of microbiome-based dermatology.

The 6th edition of the conference aims to bridge the gap between scientific findings of the skin
microbiome and the creation of commercially viable cosmetic and therapeutic products, ultimately improving skin health. The event will feature an extensive program that includes keynote presentations, panel discussions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities covering a wide spectrum of topics, such as:

  • Powering Skin Microbiome Research Through Academia-Industry Partnerships, UCSD
  • Bridging Industry & Consumer Needs: The Gut-Skin Axis, Integrative Skin Science & Research
  • Scalp Microbiome, the Nutrafol Experience, Nutrafol
  • Developing Personalized Microbiome-Targeting Skincare Solutions, Parallel Health
  • Outlining Cosmetic & Therapeutic Patient IP Strategy, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
  • Redefining Our Understanding of What Makes a Healthy Skin Microbiome: Interindividual, Differences & Healthy Aging, L’Oreal

The event is expected to attract leading researchers and clinicians from around the globe, representing academia, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology organizations, regulatory bodies, and healthcare organizations. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in stimulating discussions, share their research findings, and network with experts at the forefront of microbiome and dermatology research.

“The 6th Microbiome Movement- Skin Health & Dermatology Summit will unite researchers from academia and industry to address the unique areas of scientific R&D” said Lily Haring, Senior Program Director, Microbiome Movement – Hanson Wade Group. “Key thought leaders will share their latest updates and insights to fast-track the development of microbiome-targeting therapeutics and cosmetics that focus on characterization, clinical testing, product development, regulation, and claim substantiation. Beyond critical information sharing, the meeting is an opportunity to make new connections in this accelerating filed as well as to re-connect with familiar faces, fostering fruitful industry collaboration to drive your therapeutic and product development!”

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