Primark launches Fairtrade skin care range

Primark launches Fairtrade skin care range

THE WHAT? Primark has announced a global partnership with Fairtrade with the launch of a new beauty collection across all 14 markets.

THE DETAILS The body, bath and skin care line all contain Fairtrade certified shea butter and olive oil and will join the high street retailer’s Wellness collection.

Each product will sport the Fairtrade mark, indicating that it has been certified to offer a better deal for the farmers and workers involved. The range will be sold in a select number of stores across Europe and the US.

“We are pleased to be working with Primark on six new Fairtrade certified cosmetic wellness product lines which will mean that shea nut and olive oil producers can sell more of their produce on Fairtrade terms,” said Anna Barker, Head of Commercial Partnerships at the Fairtrade Foundation.

“The move means an exciting opportunity to tell Primark’s customers about Fairtrade cosmetics and the ingredients they contain and help build a new market and fairer future for farmers. Fairtrade wants to leverage this launch to reach new and younger audiences, exciting them about Fairtrade and building growth for the future.”

THE WHY? Lynne Walker, Director at Primark Cares, explains, “Our Primark Cares ambition is to make more sustainable products affordable for everyone while improving the lives of the workers who make our products. We know we can’t do this alone and so we’re delighted to partner with Fairtrade to work together towards our shared goals. This partnership will help us deliver on our ambition by offering an affordable beauty collection, at scale, which helps provide better opportunities for farmers without a high price tag.”