Priyanka Chopra to launch make-up line?

Priyanka Chopra to launch make-up line?

Priyanka Chopra may well be about to jump on the celebrity cosmetics bandwagon. According to various reports the Bollywood star is set to launch a skin care and make-up line next year.

“Priyanka has been working on this for a very long time,” an anonymous source told Mid-Day. “She has always been a big believer of using ubtans [face masks]. The idea germinated when she did a few DIY beauty videos for leading websites, and her home remedies for skin problems became popular online. So, she decided to start a line that will take the homemade skin cate techniques practiced in India, to the world.”

Chopra is yet to confirm or deny the reports and excitement among fans is already at feverpitch with several imploring the star to launch a range for Indian complexions on social media platforms.