Procter & Gamble Company Profile

Procter & Gamble Company Profile

Procter & Gamble – United States of America


ESG Commitments 

Ambition 2030

Ingredients for Good

P&G Updated Palm Responsible Sourcing Policy 2019

P&G is committed to ensuring our suppliers meet RSPO Principles and Criteria (P&C) and have the necessary policies and procedures in place to ensure responsible sourcing of palm oil, palm kernel oil, and their derivatives. We expect our suppliers to follow the 2018 RSPO P&C which have incorporated the key elements of our no deforestation, no peat, and no exploitation (NDPE) policy outlined below:

  • No development of high-conservation-value (HCV) areas and high-carbon-stock (HCS) forests
  • No new development of peat lands regardless of depth
  • No burning to clear land for new development or replanting
  • Compliance with P&G’s existing Sustainability Guidelines for External Business Partners
  • Respect for human and labor rights
  • Respect for land tenure rights, including rights of indigenous and local communities to give or withhold their free,
    prior and informed consent for development of land they own legally, communally or by custom.

Partners in Palm Oil

Brazil Atlantic Forest Restoration 

Philippines Palawan Protection 

California and Germany Forest Project

Climate Transition Action Plan


P&G Responsible Beauty Webpage

Responsible Beauty pdf

Responsible Beauty 2030 Goals

Safe Use of Botanicals in Beauty Products  

DI&E Commitments

Equality and Inclusion – Aspirations, Actions and Outcomes

Community Impact

  • Global Programs 
  • Brands and P&G People Stepping Up
  • Covid-19 Support 
  • Keeping employees safe 
  • Serving Consumers 
  • Supporting Communities

Gender Equality

  • Advertising and Media 
  • Education & Economic Opportunity 
  • Inclusive Environment Inside and Outside P&G

Equality and Inclusion

  • Inclusion 
  • Action 
  • Leadership  

People with Disabilities

  • Inclusive from Day 1
  • How it feels to be included 
  • Building a More Inclusive World for People with Disabilities 

LGBTQ+ Visibility

  • Helping LGBTQ+ People In Need
  • Be Seen 
  • Be Heard
  • Be Proud 

Choose Action – Racial Inequality resources