Procter & Gamble launches environmentally-friendly program named Responsible Beauty 

Procter & Gamble launches environmentally-friendly program named Responsible Beauty 

THE WHAT? Procter & Gamble is pushing eco-beauty with the launch of environmentally-friendly public welfare program named Responsible Beauty, according to a report by Campaign Brief Asia. 

THE DETAILS The program has a visual storytelling campaign created by production company Sweetshop, which follows a journey of ‘lost and found’. 

The campaign follows a dancer and models in a P&G factory, wearing accessories made from recycled plastic from waste plastic bottles recycled in the village of Fuliang. 

These were then shredded and sorted in the P&G factory, which was selected by the World Economic Forum “Lighthouse Factory” this year for its continuous exploration in the field of sustainability. 

THE WHY? Duanmu Kris, Director, said: “The project is designed to upcycle waste plastics into unique artworks, so that discarded plastics can be recycled in a more valuable way, giving recycled plastics an artistic and life-affirming rebirth.

“In the fast-moving consumer goods industry, everything that does not immediately provide results or benefits is often referred to as “useless”. “But more often, things like ‘beauty,’ which are commonly considered useless, are more likely to withstand the precipitation of time and continually export vitality to the outside world like living beings.

“From the villagers and children who recycle plastics to the workers and partners involved in the production of the film, everyone is an artist injecting unlimited power into the regeneration of ‘beauty’, which makes us more courageous and confident in realizing our vision.

“The concept and inspiration of the film is based on the expectation for “beauty of rebirth”. We rediscover all the magic that awaits and dance to a new beat. It’s one of those journeys I will always remember vividly.”