Procter & Gamble sets industry benchmark with ingredient transparency

Procter & Gamble sets industry benchmark with ingredient transparency

Personal care giant Procter & Gamble has set an industry benchmark by revealing the ingredients not used in some of its products in a bid to aid further ingredient transparency, a move lauded by the Environmental Working Group.

The company has made public 140 chemicals it doesn’t use in fragrances in its brands, which is a significant step for such an industry heavyweight in recognising the growing consumer demand for more transparency and safer products.

Some of the ingredients listed by P&G include those linked to health problems, including endocrine disruption, reproductive toxicity and cancer.

It’s hoped that with such an industry giant leading the way to greater transparency, many other cosmetic and personal care players will follow suit.

EWG President Ken Cook said: “This decision by Procter and Gamble is welcome news for its customers and could ripple across the entire industry. We understand that such changes do not happen easily or overnight in a company of P&G’s size. But it is clear that consumers are being heard. To its great credit, P&G is listening and taking positive action.
“I’m very encouraged and impressed by the P&G announcement and optimistic that before long fragrance ingredients will be fully transparent in the global market. The trend towards full transparency—in food, personal care, cleaning products and many other categories–is not just undeniable, it’s accelerating and irreversible.”

Citing the growing demand for more honesty in the industry, he continued, “Consumers obviously want products that are effective and affordable. Increasingly they also insist on knowing what ingredients are in those products, and want to decide for themselves if those ingredients are safe. Today’s announcement makes clear that P&G is embracing these emerging consumer desires and preferences. The scale of the company and the enormous popularity of its many brands make P&G’s steps a global game-changer.
“We commend P&G’s leadership today and feel confident that other companies will soon follow the example P&G has set.”