Procter & Gamble settles in Charmin lawsuit

Procter & Gamble settles in Charmin lawsuit

THE WHAT? Procter & Gamble has settled a class action lawsuit that charged the US FMCG manufacturer with misleading consumers over the flushability of its Charmin brand’s Freshmates Flushable Wipes, according to a report published by Biz Journals.

THE DETAILS The suit, which was launched in 2017 against the brand and several fellow manufacturers of so-called ‘flushable’ wipes, in the state of New York, charged P&G with falsely marketing the wipes as ‘flushable’, causing back-ups across US sewer systems. A spokesperson for the manufacturer of Pampers and Gillette told Biz Journals that the brand did not accept that it was at fault.

“P&G was not found liable in this lawsuit and continues to sell Charmin Flushable Wipes,” Tonia Elrod told Biz Journals. “To ensure the best use of the company’s resources, we elected to settle the matter. We are pleased that this matter is being bought to a close.”

THE WHY? According to P&G, the settlement ensured the ‘best use of the company’s resources’ but it also, of course, means that the US manufacturer of Ariel does not have to risk being found at fault.

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