Procter & Gamble staffing crisis could lead to tampon shortage

Procter & Gamble staffing crisis could lead to tampon shortage

THE WHAT? Staffing levels at the only manufacturing facility for Procter & Gamble’s Tampax brand in the US are precarious, according to a report published by Bloomberg quoting sources ‘familiar with the matter’, which could result in a shortage of the popular feminine hygiene product.

THE DETAILS The Maine-based plant is responsible for production for the whole of North America, with the American #1 tampon brand accounting for almost a third of the market.

Procter & Gamble told Bloomberg in an emailed statement, “Over the past few years, while we have experienced periods of turnover in our staff – consistent with industry trends – today our workforce in Auburn has largely stabilized, which is one reason we’re able to expand for additional tampon manufacturing capacity.

“The expansion complements work already underway, including previously announced warehouse and direct-ship capacity, as well as maximising current equipment and scaled-up staffing to produce record levels of tampons per day.”

THE WHY? The US FMCG manufacturer has been raising wages in a bid to attract workers but the continuing labor shortage has hit recruitment rates. At the same time, demand for tampons is growing, with stories of shortages prompting many to panic buy, exacerbating the problem.