Procter & Gamble sued over use of ‘Uptown’ on product label

Procter & Gamble sued over use of ‘Uptown’ on product label

THE WHAT? A lawsuit has been filed against Procter & Gamble over the use of the word ‘Uptown’ on its new SeeMe Uptown Beauty Cream, according to a report by Cincinnati Business Journal. 

THE DETAILS The trademark infringement case was filed by Silvi Veni, which operates as the Uptown Soap Co, at the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York on 6th January. 

The lawsuit claims that the use of ‘Uptown’ on P&G products will confuse consumers who may assume a tie with the Uptown Soap brand. 

Silvia York, Founder of Silvi Veni, sent P&G a cease and desist letter in October 2019, and received a response from company lawyer Paul Brandsetter, which read, “We have reviewed the matter, and… we strongly disagree with your conclusion that P&G’s use of Uptown is likely to create the mistaken or incorrect belief that P&G’s SeeMe product is somehow sponsored, approved or otherwise associated with the Uptown Soap Co. The two products are simply not confusing when viewed in their entirety at point of sale.”

The response also stated that P&G had no intention of using the wording on any soap products. 

THE WHY? Looking to gain compensation from the alleged misuse of the word Uptown, the suit is calling for it to be banned from all products and advertising, with all current labelling to be destroyed. 

York is also requesting all revenue and profits from any products using the word, as well as triple damages and attorney fees. 

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