Procter & Gamble’s Secret ad takes on gender pay gap

Procter & Gamble (P&G) has taken on the gender pay gap with the new campaign for its deodorant brand Secret, according to a report by The Drum.

The ‘I’d Rather Get Paid’ campaign is a music video that showcases how women are continuing to be underpaid, with the advert looking to equalise the gender pay gap between men and women,

Featuring cameos by famous equal-pay advocates such as actress Sophia Bush, Samira Wiley and TV presenter and activist Catt Sadler, the advert sees a female worker breaking into song with the lyrics, “I wish there was a song women around the world could sing to inspire and remind us that we could do anything… come to think of it, I’d rather get paid!”

According to Sara Saunders, Associate Brand Director for Secret, “While Secret’s products are expertly designed to protect women against odour and sweat, we believe there are some things women shouldn’t have to sweat – like getting paid what they’re worth.
“As a brand for women by women, we want to build on the conversation around closing the wage gap, and give women the strength, tools and inspiration to stop sweating the issue.”

Secret has partnered with initiatives Ladies Get Paid and The Wing, both of which facilitates women with the resources they need to fight for equal pay. As part of the collaboration, women can now get a free toolkit from, while Secret and Ladies Get Paid will host a series of workshops across the US throughout December.

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