Push for Texture-Inclusive Cosmetology Training

Push for Texture-Inclusive Cosmetology Training

THE WHAT: The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) and the Texture Education Collective (TEC) collaborate to promote texture-inclusive legislation in New Jersey.

THE DETAILS: New Jersey is on the brink of passing bill A5443/S3845, which mandates textured hair training for cosmetologists, encompassing hairstylists, beauticians, barbers, and hair braiders. Sponsored by New Jersey State Assemblywoman Angela McKnight and State Senator Teresa Ruiz, the bill aligns with TEC’s mission. TEC aims to ensure hairstylists possess the necessary knowledge for all hair types and that consumers experience a welcoming and safe environment during hair services. The PBA and TEC have initiated a petition emphasizing the inclusion of textured hair in standard cosmetology examinations.

THE WHY: This push for legislation aims to bridge the knowledge gap in cosmetology training regarding textured hair. The overarching goal is to foster inclusivity, ensuring all clients receive equitable service and that professionals are well-prepared to cater to diverse hair types.