PZ Cussons research predicts key fragrance trends for 2016

PZ Cussons research predicts key fragrance trends for 2016

A global forecast by PZ Cussons fragrance company Seven Scents has revealed the key accords that are set to take off during Spring Summer 2016.

Launched by PZ Cussons as a stand-alone business in May 2010, Seven Scent Ltd has over 25 years experience of supplying fragrances to global markets.  Its market report into fragrance trends provides “valuable market insights” according to Miri Scott, Seven Scents’ Insight Manager.

Key scents predicted to be popular next year include: praline- a gourmand scent of soft caramel and chocolate with a nutty complexity; sorbets- a fruity and sugary accent; and freesia- a delicate, yet woody, floral scent.

The two additional fragrance trends Seven Scent expects to see emerge next year are: ‘Linear Landscapes’ described as “aromatic, woody notes blend with leathery notes and creamy, soft cashmere to evoke a natural simplicity” and ‘Print Pop’- ” vibrant and bold, fruity characteristics with accents of cool mint and gentle florals.”

Miri Scott, Insight Manager for Seven Scent, said “The story for next summer is playful, sassy and relaxed; reflecting a shift towards brighter days and stylish outdoor living.  We expect to see gourmand notes used to add depth and sweetness to compositions, while freesia will blossom in floral accords to create a delicate yet distinctive note.

The company’s findings have already inspired the scents behind Imperial Leather’s latest shower range.

“Our research provides valuable market insights into future fragrance directions and allows us to create our own concepts which feed into these trends.   For instance, the emphasis on sugary notes – in the context of the strong consumer retro revival – is the driving trend behind a number of fragrances we have created for Imperial Leather’s new ‘Sweets’ range of shower creams,” Scott noted.

The Imperial Leather ‘Sweets’ range features confectionary fragrances and is sold exclusively through UK retailer Tesco. It reflects another key fragrance trend identified by Seven Scents in which “youth-led pop culture influences a sugary sweet, fruity fragrance direction. 

Scents included in the range include: Comforting Marshmallow; Uplifting Sherbet Lemon; Mouthwatering Fruit Salad; and Stimulating Spearmint.