QVC remains on-air in North America despite country-wide shut down

QVC remains on-air in North America despite country-wide shut down

THE WHAT? TV shopping channel QVC has remained on air during the coronavirus outbreak, transmitting from its Philadelphia-based studios as the commonwealth announced “electronic shopping and mail-order houses” were permitted to continue broadcasting. 

THE DETAILS While all ‘non-life-sustaining’ businesses, including schools, were ordered to shutter by Governor Tom Wolf, QVC is continuing to sell products to its stay-at-home audience.

The TV sales channel is said to be making limited nods to the pandemic, such as selling sunglasses with references to using them in, ‘Your backyard, your front yard, next to a really, really nice window — whatever works, because we need that vitamin D.”

THE WHY? With many businesses closed to try and slow the spread of the virus, the ‘essential’ companies differ from state to state.

Acknowledging questions about the preventative measures it is taking during the outbreak, presenters stated they were enforcing social distancing procedures, despite a spokesperson declining to comment on how many presenters were in the studio. 

Host Kerstin Lindquist said, “We’re one of the only things that is still live, other than news. And we’re going to try and stay live as long as we possibly can with the appropriate precautions always being taken. As you can see, I’m alone here, which is great.”