Remy Cointreau debuts luxury perfume house, Maison Psyche

Remy Cointreau debuts luxury perfume house, Maison Psyche

THE WHAT? Alcohol brand Remy Cointreau has announced the launch of a luxury perfume house, Maison Psyche.

THE DETAILS The marque is a result of a collaboration between Remy Martin’s Cellar Master, Baptiste Loiseau and Principal Perfumer at Firmenich, Sophie Labbe.  

The first collection comprises five scents, all left to age in oak casks in the Maison Remy Martin cellars in Cognac. The juice is housed in Baccarat crystal flacons adorned in gold – some featuring diamonds, numbered and in limited quantities.

The founding duo explained in a statement, “Maison Psyche was born from our shared love for the terroirs and age-old expertise, both in Cognac and further afield where perfumery’s finest raw materials blossom. These carefully selected raw materials form the foundations of five exceptional olfactory creations making up the first Maison Psyche collection.”

THE WHY? Francesca Riosa, CEO of Maison Psyche, “The creation of Maison Psyche is the fulfilment of a wonderful dream. The dream of reinventing La Grande Parfumerie in the 21st century and restoring its prestige by connecting it to the traditional and time-honored expertise of Exceptional Sprits.”