REN Clean Skincare heads up industry sustainability #WeAreAllies initiative

REN Clean Skincare heads up industry sustainability #WeAreAllies initiative

THE WHAT? Ren Clean Skincare is leading a sustainability initiative, named #WeAreAllies, joining forces with Biossance, Caudalie, Herbivore and Youth to the People. 

THE DETAILS Spearheaded by REN CEO Arnaud Meysselle, the multi-brand campaign aims to help tackle the environmental crisis by reducing packaging waste. 

Following on from REN’s heightened sustainability efforts in 2018 when it committed to reach zero waste by 2021, all brands in the campaign have committed to more planet friendly packaging by the 2025. 

Having been postponed from its 2020 launch date due to the pandemic, Meyselle told that a shift was needed in the perception of ‘luxurious packaging.’ 

He said, “We believe that luxury packaging is heavy, so we need to shift the paradigm, we need to do things differently and we want to inspire more brands to do so.
“Prestige beauty is obsessed with packaging: luxurious packaging, wasteful packaging. But with more demand, brands are starting to realize that there’s no unsustainable future. The future has to be sustainable, or you cannot deliver great formulations.”

THE WHY? Looking to ‘change the products behind luxury beauty’, Meyselle highlighted the importance of it being a multi-brand campaign. 

He said, “On our own, we cannot move the needle. I believe that collaboration is the new competition, so I reached out to my direct competitors, and after 30 seconds, each of them said they were in. We are five brands, but we should be 50, or 500. It’s about raising the awareness, and changing the products behind luxury beauty.”

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