Revlon faces class action over SAP ERP system error

Revlon faces class action over SAP ERP system error

Revlon is facing a series of class action lawsuits from shareholders over its handling of the planning, monitoring and implementation of its enterprise resource planning system, according to a report published by Computer Weekly.

Some four law firms have filed class action suits to date, based on the US beauty behemoth’s quarterly results where it confessed it was unable to fulfil orders to the tune of US$64 million because of its inability to record and account for inventory.

“In early February [2018], we rolled out SAP for a large part of our North American business to integrate planning, sourcing, manufacturing, distribution and finance… However, we experienced issues during the SAP changeover that caused the plant to ramp up capacity slower than anticipated,” Christopher Peterson, COO, told investors on a call following the announcement of the company’s first quarter results for fiscal 2018, per Computer Weekly. 00000000

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