Revolutionary Magic Ink: Transforming Tattoo Artistry

Revolutionary Magic Ink: Transforming Tattoo Artistry

THE WHAT? Tattoo artist Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy, famous for working with celebrities, has created a company, Hyprskn, to launch a new product called “Magic Ink.” This innovative tattoo ink, using nanotechnology, allows tattoos to appear and disappear, a significant departure from traditional permanent tattoos.

THE DETAILS Developed with Professor Carson Bruns from the University of Colorado, Boulder, Magic Ink can be controlled with a special stylus, the “magic pen,” that uses two wavelengths of light to activate or deactivate the tattoo’s visibility. Hyprskn plans to market Magic Ink to tattoo artists worldwide. The ink’s safety is a priority, featuring PMMA, a polymer used in dermal fillers, which is said to have better compatibility with the body than standard tattoo inks.

THE WHY?   McCurdy’s Magic Ink introduces a major innovation in the tattoo industry, challenging the conventional permanence of tattoos. This technology allows for temporary visibility of tattoos, offering users flexibility and the option for changeable designs. The development of Magic Ink represents a shift towards more versatile and potentially safer tattooing options.