Revolutionizing Retail: Lynx’s ‘Lift & Smell’ Activation Transforms Shopper Engagement

Revolutionizing Retail: Lynx’s ‘Lift & Smell’ Activation Transforms Shopper Engagement

THE WHAT? Lynx is unveiling an innovative “Lift & Smell” feature as part of its Fine Fragrance Collection promotion in the UK, marking a novel approach to customer engagement in the toiletries market. This initiative is one aspect of a larger investment by Unilever in permanent point-of-sale displays across over 2,000 retail locations, aiming to transform how consumers interact with their deodorant products.

THE DETAILS The “Lift & Smell” testers, integrated into Lynx’s new in-store branded bay fixtures at major retailers like Tesco and Sainsbury’s, invite shoppers to directly experience the collection’s scents. This setup not only facilitates a unique interaction with the products but also aligns with the launch of the Fine Fragrance Collection, developed by renowned perfumers to attract Gen Z males by offering luxurious yet affordable scents.

THE WHY?  Unilever’s extensive £1M investment into permanent point-of-sale displays across its deodorant brands, including Dove and Sure, seeks to enhance visibility and educate consumers on the benefits of their products, as part of a broader strategy to invigorate the deodorant category. Monique Rossi, Unilever’s General Manager for Deodorants in the UKI, highlights the initiative’s aim to enrich the in-store experience, leveraging the sensory appeal of personal care products to drive growth and consumer engagement in the category.