Rhode’s Colorful Leap into Europe

Rhode’s Colorful Leap into Europe

THE WHAT: Hailey Bieber’s beauty brand, Rhode, is set to expand into a new arena: colour cosmetics. In line with Rhode’s European launch, the brand unveiled four tinted versions of its peptide lip treatment, marking a significant step beyond its existing product range.

THE DETAILS: The new shades – ribbon, toast, raspberry jelly, and espresso – each holds personal significance to Bieber. ‘Ribbon,’ a subtle pink hue, is a homage to her ballet background, reminiscent of the pointe shoes she once wore. The remaining shades are everyday nods to her life, representing her morning toast with jelly and her daily cup of coffee. These hues embody not just colour but a connection to Bieber’s world, adding a personal touch to the beauty routine of those who choose Rhode.

THE WHY:  Embarking on this colour journey is a logical progression for Rhode, leveraging an existing formula to enhance its offerings. Hailey Bieber emphasises the continuity of prioritising skin health even as the brand delves into colour cosmetics. For her and the Rhode brand, focusing on enhancing natural features and skin health is essential, ensuring the brand is consistently seen as a skin-first entity even as it explores new cosmetic territories.