Rimmel tweaks strapline for new, inclusive approach

Rimmel tweaks strapline for new, inclusive approach

Coty’s Rimmel make-up brand has tweaked its strapline in a bid to reach the latest generation of consumer, according to a report published by The Drum.

The brand has changed its strapline from ‘Get the London look’ to ‘Live the London look’, which it says is more inclusive.

“We want to move accordingly with our consumer; they don’t want to be told what to do, they want to have a dialogue,” Montse Passolas, Vice President Global Marketing for Rimmel London & Manhattan at Coty told The Drum. “So by making this change from ‘Get’ to ‘Live’ we’re including them.”

The adjusted strapline is accompanied by a new digital campaign, which is billed as an ‘anthem for diversity’ and includes ambassadors from diverse ethnic backgrounds and male beauty blogger Lewys Ball.

“Now is the moment. The London look is whatever you want it to be. It’s a vibe, an attitude, and we want that self-expression to resonate anywhere around the world and for people to feel like they can express who they are and what they feel regardless of gender or culture. That’s the message,” continued Passolas.