Russia proposes end to animal testing for cosmetics

Russia proposes end to animal testing for cosmetics

Russia has become the latest country to usher in a bill aimed at banning the testing of cosmetic products and ingredients on animals.

The cross-party bill, introduced last week by senior Duma Parliament members Sergeu Doronin and Igor Igoshin, would bring an end to animal testing for all cosmetic products and ingredients by 2020.

“It is very satisfying to be putting forward this proposal to bring Russia among the leading countries in the world for the ethical principle of no longer allowing animals to suffer for cosmetics. The input from Cruelty Free International on the legislation has been very helpful and I appreciate the global support for the initiative,” said Doronin.

“I look forward to the time when animals no longer suffer to bring cosmetics to market in Russia, and I’m pleased, with this bill, to contribute to the global effort by Cruelty Free International to end experiments of this kind and adopt modern non-animal alternatives,” added Igoshin.