Russia publishes list of ‘parallel imports’

Russia publishes list of ‘parallel imports’

THE WHAT? With several western brands eschewing the Russian market in the wake of the country’s invasion of Ukraine, the government has been seeking out a workaround to shield shoppers from its increasing isolation, according to a report published by Reuters.

THE DETAILS The parallel imports system, as the scheme has been dubbed, is now up and running with the government publishing a list of where Russian companies can purchase popular goods outside of Russia. The list is said to include goods from all major car manufacturers, tech brands and fashion labels. From Russia’s point of view, the shipments will be legal, having been purchased abroad and customs fees paid.

THE WHY? The Russian government said in a statement, per Reuters, “One of the principles of compiling the list was defending the interests of domestic consumers for products of those foreign companies that left the Russian market under the sanctions regime imposed by ‘unfriendly’ countries.” Manufacturers will need to make the call whether they will be turning a blind eye to their goods being exported to Russia.