RXi Pharmaceuticals selects two compounds for cosmetic product development

RXi Pharmaceuticals selects two compounds for cosmetic product development

Biotechnology company RXi Pharmaceuticals has selected two compounds earmarked for cosmetic product development based on its proprietary self-delivering RNAi platform.

The two compounds were selected for their potential efficacy in both cosmeceuticals and pharmaceutical gene targets.

RXI-231 is an sd-rxRNA compound selected by the company to be developed for cosmetic production and to focus on Tyrosinase (TYR) – a key enzyme in the synthesis of melanin, the pigment that gives human skin, hair and eyes their color. Results are that there is a visible reduction of pigmentation in melanocytes a 3-dimensional tissue culture model of human epidermis. When used as a cosmeceutical the inclusion of TYR could potentially change the appearance of darkened skin spots (freckles or age spots) or give an overall lightening of the skin.

The second compound, RXI-185, will focus on improving the skin’s appearance. Developed to target collagenase (MMP1) – enzymes that break the peptide bonds in collagen. MMP1 is involved in the breakdown of extracellular matrix that specifically cleaves collagen I, II, and III. Results show a reduction in MMP1 mRNA levels.

Dr. Geert Cauwenbergh, President and CEO of RXi Pharmaceuticals, said, “The selection of these two cosmetic product candidates opens the door for additional business development opportunities with both small and large companies that are focusing on non-therapeutic skin health. The versatility of MMP1 and TYR, which are relevant for both cosmetic and therapeutic use, are a unique match with our sd-rxRNA platform, allowing us to advance different compounds in both areas of development. This approach further supports our efforts to increase shareholder value.”