Sa Sa International launches flagship online store on HKTVmall

Sa Sa International launches flagship online store on HKTVmall

Sa Sa International has announced the launch of its flagship online store, Sa Sa Hong Kong Flagship Store, on 24-hour online shopping platform HKTVmall.

The store lists some 1,200 products across the skin care, make-up, fragrance and personal care categories. HKTVmall saw some 680,000 customers purchase products over the course of 2018 and it is hoped that the collaboration will build sales momentum for the Hong Kong-based beauty retailer.

“As online shopping has become increasingly popular nowadays, customers embrace smart living and enjoy online shopping anytime at their fingertips. We are delighted that the Group has launched the Sa Sa Flagship Store on HKTVmall, the largest online shopping platform in Hong Kong, which enables us to attract more new customers and boost our brand exposure, thereby enhancing market penetration and building comprehensive omni-channel covering online shopping platform and physical stores. We expect that over 4,000 SKUs will be offered on the platform in the short term, and we will continue to keep up with the latest trends in the consumer market trend, exploring collaboration opportunities with other third party platforms while providing with the customers diversified trendy products, ultimately creating a more intimate shopping experience and giving new impetus to our business growth,” said Dr Simon Kwok, SBS, JP, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Group.

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