Sahajan’s Growth Through Equity Funding

Sahajan’s Growth Through Equity Funding

THE WHAT?  Sahajan, an Ayurvedic and clean beauty brand, has secured its first round of equity funding to support growth in North America. The funding includes investments from various industry figures and celebrities. Founded by Lisa Mattam, the brand aims to expand its presence and product accessibility in the beauty market.

THE DETAILS  Since its launch in 2015, Sahajan has grown through online sales and retail expansion, leveraging consumer interest in Ayurvedic practices. The equity funding will be used for marketing, retail expansion, clinical trials, and new product development. Additionally, Sahajan is partnering with luxury hotels to distribute its products globally.

THE WHY?  The funding aims to enhance Sahajan’s market position in clean beauty, combining Ayurvedic traditions with scientific approaches. Endorsements from investors and celebrities underline the brand’s reputation for clean and effective products. The company’s strategy includes deepening its customer base and strengthening its retail presence.

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