Saks launches Media Network

Saks launches Media Network

THE WHAT? Saks has launched the Saks Media Network, a tech-driven program designed to help brands reach the e-commerce platform’s customer base through digital advertising throughout the shopping journey.

THE DETAILS Brands will be able to boost their revenue on through sponsored product ads and on-site display banners. An in-house media team will leverage customized strategies to help brand partners drive business, matching their specific goals with opportunities supported by comprehensive reporting and insights.

THE WHY? Kristin Maa, Senior Vice President, Growth, Saks, explains, “With the launch of our Saks Media Network, we are expanding our offerings for brand partners by helping their products reach the right luxury customers when and where they are actively looking to purchase. Our view of the full shopping journey across the Saks Fifth Avenue digital and physical ecosystem enables meaningful, personalized customer engagement and product discovery, and the Saks Media Network is the next step in leveraging our data-driven insights and industry expertise to enhance the customer experience.”