Schwan Cosmetics partners with Revieve to provide personalised beauty experience

Schwan Cosmetics partners with Revieve to provide personalised beauty experience

THE WHAT? Schwan Cosmetics has teamed up with beauty technology leader Revieve in a partnership that sees the two companies bring a high level of personalisation into the customer experience.

THE DETAILS Together Schwan and Revieve are looking to assist end consumers in digitally finding beauty products customized to their skin types by using Schwan Cosmetics’ understanding of cosmetics’ colour and texture, alongside Revieve’s proprietary skin analysis and virtual try-on capabilities.

Users will upload a photograph that undergoes real-time analysis, with the technology assessing everything from skin radiance and eye colour to pigment variance. An algorithm then connects the individual skin profile with product recommendations to find the best available skincare and beauty products for the individual.

Bernd Preuschoff, Senior Vice President Digital Transformation at Schwan Cosmetics said, “By cooperating with Revieve, we offer our brand clients an integrated solution combining best-in-class products, relevant data and innovative omni-channel experience, thus bringing our client offering to the next level.”

THE WHY? Personalised beauty is an ongoing trend that has fostered many cross-industry partnerships between technology and cosmetic companies.

With customization continuing to be a sought after offering from beauty consumers, teaming up with the digital beauty advisor is a shrewd move from Schwan.

Preuschoff continued, “This is an important milestone and, at the same time, an incentive to further drive the digital transformation of the beauty industry and to create solutions that consumers need.”

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