Schwan Cosmetics USA opens US$40 million Tennessee facility

Schwan Cosmetics USA opens US$40 million Tennessee facility

Schwan Cosmetics’ US branch has celebrated the opening of a new manufacturing plant and head office in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The facility, which cost US$40 million, will integrate the company’s two former plants, in New Jersey and Tennessee into a single location, measuring 173,000 square feet.

“Our intention is to convey a distinct and honest message to our customers, employees and neighbors: a relentless commitment to exceptional quality, a spirit of innovation, and exceptional service and value,” said Dr Jörg Karas, General Manager of Schwan-STABILO Cosmetics. “The first appearance of our premises is an important factor in Schwan’s brand position and is one of the group’s main goals.”

The new facility will create 350 jobs in Rutherford County and supports highly automated production as well as ease of maintenance. High performance construction and energy efficient systems add to the plant’s environmental credentials.  

The new building will house cross-function teams for corporate administration, new product research and development, manufacturing, distribution and employee amenities.