SCS: New council announced for 2016/2017

SCS: New council announced for 2016/2017

The Society of Cosmetic Scientists (SCS) has elected a new council for 2016/2017, with incoming President Dr Ruth Borner wanting to deliver on targets set out last year.

New faces joining Borner included Jackie Searle as Vice President, Barry Winslett as Hon Secretary, Mojgan Moddaresi as Hon Treasurer while the members of council are, Amanda Isom, Sam Farmer, Sarah Gladstone, Stewart Long, and Mustafa Varcin.

Borner spoke to attendees at the 68th Annual General Meeting of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists, where the appointments were announced, and discussed future plans. The emphasis was placed on ‘consolidating and delivering’ targets outlined last year as part of a road map, which included education, professional status, advance and share science, access and participation.

It was also discussed that a new Education Executive is still intended for the Society this year.