Search for sustainable kerosene advances with €30 million grant

Search for sustainable kerosene advances with €30 million grant

THE WHAT? International research project, Care-o-Sene (Catalyst Research for Sustainable Kerosene) has been granted €30 million in funding by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

THE DETAILS The industrial consortium’s partners have also contributed €10 million. Sustainable kerosene is based on hydrogen and carbon dioxide rather than fossil fuels and is therefore thought to be greener than conventional aviation fuel. The technology would make a significant contribution to decarbonising sectors such as aviation.

THE WHY? The project aims to develop novel, next-gen Fischer-Tropsch catalysts and therefore to optimise the production of sustainable kerosene on an industrial scale.

Dr Dirk Schaer, Lead Technical Marketing Catalyst at Sasol explains, “Our work is an important building block of the German National Hydrogen Strategy. We are delighted that the BMBF has recognised the enormous potential in the CARE-O-SENE research project on the novel Fischer-Tropsch catalysts and supports the work.”