Sephora faces consumer backlash over Urban Decay ‘Druggie’ eyeshadow

Sephora faces consumer backlash over Urban Decay ‘Druggie’ eyeshadow

US retail giant Sephora is in hot water over sales of the Urban Decay AfterDark eyeshadow palette which contains a hue named Druggie, with over 1000 signatures were added to a petition calling for the company to rename it.

Many consumers took to social media to dispute the name of the shadow, with one stating on Twitter, ‘@Sephora @Urbandecay Please change the name of your “druggie” eyeshadow. Addiction is a disease, not a marketing ploy.’

A petition was started on by Maurah Ruiz, who wrote, “I’m not sure if you are aware, but in 2014, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported data detailing drug-induced deaths.
“47,055 deaths were from drug overdose, 18,893 deaths from pharmaceutical painkillers, and 10,574 deaths from heroin overdose.
“That is a total of 76,522 deaths accounted for. All of these people lost their battle with drug addiction can and often times are referred to as “druggies,” and you have named your eyeshadow after them.”

Sephora also took to Twitter to respond to the critism, stating, “We deeply apologize to anyone that was offended by the name of this shade. Please DM us for more information.”

The petition put forward other names that could be used for the shade including Voguish or Venomous.