Sephora focuses on equality with new #neverstop social media campaign

Sephora focuses on equality with new #neverstop social media campaign

Retail giant Sephora has launched its #neverstop social campaign that focuses on five women of all shapes and sizes with different looks.

The campaign, which encourages consumers to #neverstop being brave and standing out, has been created by Argonaut and has a 45 second film, according to Adweek.

Alison Stiefel, Vice President of campaign and content marketing at Sephora, said, “We have a very active and engaged audience that are constantly sharing and supporting each other, beyond product.
“With this campaign, we are encouraging a deeper conversation with our followers about what beauty means to them, celebrating each other and ultimately give a voice to how we can all ‘beauty together.”

The campaign is being rolled out across Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

Stiefel continues, “Both platforms lend themselves well to both visual and written story-telling as well as response engagement. Because the majority of our clients are active on Facebook and Instagram, we wanted to create a path to participation in a way they feel most comfortable online.”

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Sephora: #NeverStop from Tynessa Jue on Vimeo.