Sephora’s bungled reward program spawns mass consumer protest

Sephora’s bungled reward program spawns mass consumer protest

Consumers are hitting back after beauty retailer Sephora mishandled a much-vaunted giveaway for customers based on its rewards program, according to a report in the Consumerist.

The so-called Epic Rewards Day promised extravagant gifts for those who accumulated a set number of points, but disappointed customers as the promised rewards failed to materialise for the vast majority, appearing as out-of-stock within seconds of the launch.

Shoppers have now banded together to take advantage of the retailer’s generous returns policy by returning any and all stock – whether used or new – that they bought from the perfumery chain in order to accumulate the required number of points.

The call to arms was first posted by a customer on Sephora’s own forum and has seen several customers return products to their local store in lieu of an official response to the row, which is expected on September 10.  Sephora is currently accepting all returns and has not removed the post from its forum.