Sephora unveils new campaign, the Unlimited Power of Beauty

THE WHAT? Sephora has unveiled a new campaign masterminded by its advertising agency BETC. The Unlimited Power of Beauty, as the campaign is known, is described as the LVMH-owned retailer’s own ‘vision of beauty’.

THE DETAILS Beauty is changing, the campaign’s launch literature reads, it is no longer just on catwalks or in magazines but in our friends’ selfies or the latest uploads from influencers. In other words, the LVMH-owned perfumery chain is harnessing the democratization of beauty.

The campaign is described as universal in its casing and intimate in tone and imagery to encourage viewers to relate to the story. Directed by Jonas Lindstroem, the film tells the story of a woman’s relationship with her reflection from infancy to adulthood, while the prints, captured by Nadine Ijewere, tell the story of a ‘richness of beauty’ across 12 images.

“For Sephora, beauty is playground where everyone has the power and the right to experiment and create their own definition. It is limitless, because there are as many beautifies as there are people in the world, and the same person can explore many facets of it in a day, or a lifetime. It gives us the power to assert and love ourselves. Beauty is not a standard, a size or a filter, but a tool of power and confidence.”

THE WHY? Rémi Babinet, Founder, President and Creative Director at BETC Group revealed, “The Unlimited Power of Beauty is a signature that delivers a strong, ambitious and all-encompassing view of beauty. It reaffirms the industry’s role, and thus SEPHORA’s position as a leader, and it creates room for self-expression, showing the variety of authentic and powerful beauties that make up today’s world.” Lisa Attia, SVP Merchandising and Image EME, added, “It is a way to feel invested in a community far beyond sales and performance. We all have this power in our hands. Celebrating the diversity of the beauty industry is part of our brand DNA.”

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