Sephora ups the AR ante with tutorial function

Sephora ups the AR ante with tutorial function

Sephora has added new functionality to its popular augmented reality app in a bid to get the online tills ringing, according to a report published by Glossy. The LVMH-owned retailer has added beauty tutorials to its Virtual Artist App, with augmented reality features so consumers can follow each step in real time.

The Virtual Artist tutorial tool offers a step-by-step guide to perfecting key looks, such as smoky eyes, with the video reflecting the user’s face shape and skin tone, and instructions and product recommendations appearing over the user’s own image as the tutorial progresses.

“Our time, money and effort goes into teaching clients. To achieve new looks, you need to try new products, and if we can make you feel confident, you’ll be more engaged overall. It’s really about that halo effect, and we’re seeing sales through the app,” Bridget Dolan, VP of Sephora’s Innovation Lab told Glossy.