Shiseido achieves 3D visualization of facial capillaries; technology to aid advancement in skincare offering

Shiseido achieves 3D visualization of facial capillaries; technology to aid advancement in skincare offering

THE WHAT? Shiseido has achieved successful 3D visualization of facial capillaries of the whole face using technology that will be used to help develop more specific skincare and offer ‘great leaps in vascular research.’

THE DETAILS Taking to a press release, the Japanese beauty company spoke of the difficulty in visualizing such a wide range of blood vessels due to the face having large three-dimensional irregularities and movements due to breathing and other factors.

However, working in collaboration with Professor Wang of the University of Washington, Shiseido has ‘succeeded in developing a system that visualizes the blood vessel distribution over the whole face using our novel vessel-detection technology.’

While previous vascular visualization technology had a limited range of observation (up to 12×12 mm), the new technology is an application of optical coherence tomography, which is already used in the medical field to observe various organs, especially the fundus. 

According to the company, “Our OCTA visualizes the capillary structure in the skin by capturing the movement of blood and extracting the fluctuations in that movement using uniquely developed algorithms.
“With this technology, we have successfully uncovered the relationship between skin blood vessels and beautiful skin.”

THE WHY? The technological development is said to help accurately understand the characteristics of blood vessels, therefore offering up potential for more targeted skincare options.

Shiseido stated, “It is our hope to use OCTA to extend conventional care to individual concerns, such as age spots and skin firmness. 
“We are also developing a concept that covers comprehensive facial care, where we will be able to predict future skin conditions by observing the face’s blood vessels. Going forward, we will continue to pursue research toward the realization of healthy-looking and beautiful skin for consumers while making full use of cutting-edge technologies.”

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