Shiseido announces new transformation plan for Japan business

Shiseido announces new transformation plan for Japan business

THE WHAT? Shiseido has announced another new business transformation plan. Mirai Shift Nippon 2025 is part of a process led by President and COO, Kentaro Fujiwara, to review and carry out a structural reform of the Japan business.

THE DETAILS The plan consists of three pillars – sustainable growth, building a profitable foundation, and human capital transformation. For the former, Shiseido Japan will concentrate its activities on brands, products, and touchpoints with high growth potential and profitability, strengthening brand and touchpoint strategy.

To build a profitable foundation, Shiseido Japan will seek to optimise efficiency in terms of goods sold, marketing investments and other expenses, targeting a reduction of ¥25 billion over the next 2 years.

And for its human capital transformation, the company will invest in those with the ability to ‘self-innovate’ and is offering an early retirement incentive plan to the 1500 employees it has identified as fitting the criteria.

THE WHY? In recent years, consumer awareness and purchasing behavior in the Japanese cosmetics market have been diversifying at an accelerated pace, says Shiseido. To realize steady growth, the J-beauty giant has been further advancing efforts to create new value and new markets based on the perspectives of consumers.