Shiseido collaborates with Emirati Designer Yasmin Al Mulla 

Shiseido collaborates with Emirati Designer Yasmin Al Mulla 

THE WHAT? Shiseido Middle East has entered into a long-term strategic partnership with Emirati Designer Yasmin Al Mulla, which aims to bolster the position of Shiseido’s premium skincare collection, Future Solution LX, according to About Her. 

THE DETAILS Al Mulla co-created a diary with Shiseido at the start of the year, and has previously hosted a Suhoor – the meal consumed by Muslims early in the morning before fasting – to celebrate the launch. 

Al Mulla has also designed a pair of pearl earrings for the launch. 

THE WHY? According to the designer, the collaboration is an ode to influential women. 

She said, “The goal is to connect the heritage and beauty of the brand with this region and community. The legacy of Shisedo’s 150th anniversary is merged with the beauty of my journey through the legacies of my community, visualised by the 150 iconic Shiseido leaves, recalibrated to incorporate a Khaleeji rug with a modern twist.’’