Shiseido extends research partnership with US dermatology laboratory CBRC

Shiseido extends research partnership with US dermatology laboratory CBRC

Shiseido has marked its 30th anniversary of joint research with U.S. dermatology laboratory Cutaneous Biology Research Centre (CRBC) by announcing a deal to extend the partnership by a further six years.

Having been working together over three decades, the new partnership will be effective July 2021 through to June 2027.

The CRBC, established by Harvard Medical School Dermatology Research Labs, and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, and Shiseido work to ‘create cutting-edge value through research in dermatology including ultraviolet rays and aging, as well as development of innovative cosmetic products.’

In addition to the R&D work, the collaboration provides consumers with information to maintain healthy skin, such as ‘basic knowledge on UV rays and the impact of photoaging, etc. through seminars and symposiums.’

Shiseido’s President and CEO, Masahiko Uotani, says, “In our quest to remain vital for the next 100 years and beyond, this year, we at Shiseido created a new corporate mission “Beauty innovations for a better world.” Ongoing efforts to foster innovation is our responsibility and mission to make this world better through the power of beauty. The CBRC is an indispensable and important partner for Shiseido to create unprecedented, first-of-its-kind value and change the lives of people around the world. Let us cling together for the future and challenge for the innovation that surpasses society’s expectations.”

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