Shiseido increases trademark application filings

Shiseido increases trademark application filings

Shiseido increased its trademark application filings in 2018 to 79, up from 33 the previous year, according to a report by

According to a report by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the move has increased the company’s ranking from number 37 to number seventh globally, falling just short of L’Oréal, which sits in second place.

The decision by an increasing amount of fashion and beauty companies to copyright their product indicates growing concern over counterfeiting, according to the report, with applications being submitted to protect brands and commercial interests.

In 2018 Lidl made 28 filings, Chanel Sarl, 25, Parfums Christian Dior, 12, Avon Products, 12, and LVMH fragrance brands made 14.

South Korea and Japan registered the fastest growth in trademark applications, with U.S. applications making up the biggest percentage at 8,825 applications.

Speaking about whether the increase in online sales by fashion and beauty companies was creating pressure to trademark, Francis Gurry, WIPO director-general, told WWD, “Absolutely, because of course, the online market has the great advantage of the expansion of the number of consumers that you can reach. But it has the great disadvantage of the vulnerability, or copiability, if you like, of the trademark.”