Shiseido launches open innovation program Fibona in China 

Shiseido launches open innovation program Fibona in China 

THE WHAT? Shiseido has launched its open innovation program Fibona in China, which is led by the Shiseido Research Institute.

THE DETAILS? Fibona will launch the fourth phase of ‘Co-Creation with Startups”, one of Shiseido’s activity plans in China.

According to a press release, “Under the themes of “medical beauty technology” and “holistic beauty technology”, we have called for participation of Chinese startups in collaboration with Plug and Play China*1, which has a proven track record in corporate open innovation and startup accelerator.

Startups that attended a pitch screening in August will spend 100 days undergoing idea validation this month, before attending a final screening in December. 

Shiseido says, “We are expecting to select new startups for collaboration from a variety of perspectives in creating innovations that will lead to value creation for consumers in China.”

This will be the second time that the “fibona” has collaborated with overseas startups, following its activities in South Korea*2 in 2021. 

THE WHY? Going forward, Shiseido will aim to create innovations overseas at an early stage under its global R&D network.

Shiseido says, “Under our unique R&D philosophy dynamic harmony we, at Shiseido, are committed to making timely responses to consumer needs and trends through fusing innovative ideas and technologies owned by startups in various industries with our strengths, our knowledge, technologies, products, and services in the research field. We will continue to engage vigorously in creating innovations, such as unprecedented beauty experiences and services.”