Shiseido Launches Wellness Brand SBW

Shiseido Launches Wellness Brand SBW

THE WHAT:  Shiseido is set to initiate its Inner Beauty Business, marking its entry into the wellness sector by launching a new brand, SHISEIDO BEAUTY WELLNESS (SBW), in February 2024. The establishment of SBW underlines Shiseido’s commitment to assisting individuals in navigating their unique paths to beauty and wellness.

THE DETAILS:  In its initial phase, SBW is collaborating with TSUMURA & CO. and Kagome Co., Ltd. for joint research and development of its products, which will be available throughout Japan. The brand’s expansion plans include venturing into the Asian market, including China, from 2025 onward, further broadening its reach and availability.

THE WHY:  Shiseido, through SBW, aims to work alongside its partner companies to introduce innovative beauty solutions, ensuring harmony for skin, body, and mind. The brand will champion “J-Beauty Wellness,” a new beauty and wellness routine, aiming to communicate globally and establish it as a recognised and respected regimen.