Shiseido partners with Bodacious wine to co-promote make-up giveaway 

Shiseido partners with Bodacious wine to co-promote make-up giveaway 

THE WHAT? Shiseido has entered into a partnership with Bodacious wine, which sees the pair co-promote a make-up giveaway. 

THE DETAILS According to Strategy Online, the partnership has a topline campaign named Find Your Fierce, which aims to help consumers shake off pandemic ‘doldrums’ and show confidence when stepping back into their normal routines. 

Bodacious wine bottles are packaged with Shiseido’s ModernMatte Powder Lipstick Mini sticks until 18 June.

Neck tags will also promote a contest offering consumers the chance to win over 150 prizes. 

Emma Voirin, Director of Brand Management and Accessible and Lifestyle brands at Arterra Wines, which owns Bodacious, states that Shiseido ‘shares our values and helps consumers go out into the world as our bold, bodacious, confident selves.’

Dentsumcgarrybowen developed the creative and social media for the campaign, with PHD having handled the media.

THE WHY? Voirin continued, “We’ve been confined to our homes, glued to our computers and opting for sweat suits for too long. Now we’re getting back out there and want to feel good. They say a good makeup day can improve our mood and looking in the mirror can boost confidence, and a beautiful lipstick can provide that bodacious boost we’ve been missing.”