Shiseido researchers unveil LED-lashes using ‘wireless power feeding’

Shiseido researchers unveil LED-lashes using ‘wireless power feeding’

Japanese beauty company Shiseido has unveiled new battery-free LED lashes through ‘wireless power feeding’ technology that transmits power using micro waves from remote places. 

Researchers teamed up with Ritsumeikan University to develop the 3.5-cm-long receiver device, which has an LED and antenna and was attached to commercially available lashes, demonstrated to the media on a mannequin.

Talking of the innovation, Shiseido said, “I wonder if there could be a demand as a new type of fashion statement in the dark at events such as concerts, dance parties or firework events.”

The beauty company is thought to be looking to develop the technology for consumer use, with the micro wave said to be lower than government standard for this energy source, therefore acceptable for human use. Shiseido is also looking to apply the technology to lightweight clothing to be able to record body temperature or pulse rate.

LED lashes were given a celebrity endorsement recently with US actress Dakota Johnson trialling them for a recent Allure shoot, giving her own ‘tutorial’ on how to wear them.