Shiseido sells Kyoto unit to Osaka Soda Co

Shiseido sells Kyoto unit to Osaka Soda Co

Shiseido has announced that it intends to transfer all the shares of its Kyoto-based unit, Shiseido Irica Technolgy, to Osaka Soda Co Ltd.

The deal is part of a wider portfolio review in line with the Japanese cosmetics giant’s Vision 2020 business plan.

“By integrating the chromatography-related businesses that both Osaka Soda and Shiseido own, Osaka Soda expects to establish a consistent value chain, from production of packing materials to sales of columns and analytical equipment. In addition, the company aims to deliver further growth and enhance the value of chromatography business through utilization of Osaka Soda’s global distribution network,” said Shiseido in a statement posted on its corporate website.

The price was not disclosed – but documents released by Shiseido reveal that the unit recorded net sales of ¥610 million last year, and net income of ¥8 million and that the deal is expected to complete by December 1.