Shiseido unveils research on skin softness

Shiseido unveils research on skin softness

THE WHAT? Shiseido has reported the results of research jointly conducted with Nagoya University on perceptions of skin softness and firmness.

THE DETAILS The pair have demonstrated that friction and elasticity of the skin surface are closely related to the perception of skin softness and firmness using a psychophysical method.

The experiment was carried out on 39 Japanese women aged from 20 to 69 using five tactile skin models with step changes in surface friction. The women were asked to rank their impression of softness and the results suggest that smaller the surface friction, the softer feel.

The results were presented at the IEE World Haptics Conference 2019 and the 15th Spring Annual Meeting of Japan Society of Kansei Engineering, held in March this year.

THE WHY? The new finding will play an important role in NPD, enabling the Japanese beauty giant to develop products that deliver on comfort and resonate with consumers. “Going forward, Shiseido will continue to pursue the effects and efficacy of its products and develop new value that will satisfy consumers and resonate with their mind and skin through further affective science and psychological research,” the company said in a statement.

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