Shiseido unveils study into inflammatory-related aging

Shiseido unveils study into inflammatory-related aging

THE WHAT? Shiseido has discovered that age-related inflammatory factors can accelerate aging through the damage they wreak on epidermal stem cells.

THE DETAILS The study revealed that one inflammatory factor, IL-8, a type of skin waste product, causes damage to epidermal stem cells and this affecting the barrier function of the skin.

THE WHY? The research will lead to the development of a new skin care approach that focuses on the functions of lymphatic vessels to care for epidermal stem cells.

Shiseido said, “From this study, it has become clear that the accumulation of inflammatory factors, which are one of the skin waste products, ages epidermal cells and reduces their barrier function.

“This suggests that skincare to enhance the collection of waste products may prevent the accumulation of waste products and maintain the healthy function of epidermal stem cells and epidermal cells.

“Shiseido believes these research results will lead to the development of skin care technology with a new approach to improve skin aging by maintaining normal functions of epidermal stem cells, which play an important role in skin cell rejuvenation.”

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