Shisiedo targets 30-year-old women with new diverse faces

Shisiedo targets 30-year-old women with new diverse faces

Shiseido has launched a new global advertising campaign featuring three women from different ethnic backgrounds in a bid to become more relevant to younger consumers.

In a significant departure from Shiseido’s usual modus operandi – a single Asian model – the series will feature blonde Hungarian model Eniko Mihalik, Dutch Imman Hammam of Egyptian-Moroccan descent and Asian-American Asia Chow, and carry the tagline ‘beauty vs the world’.

“Consumers have evolved. The younger consumers, especially, are knowledgeable and they have plenty of choices. Their needs, purchasing behaviour, lifestyle and definitions of beauty have become very diverse,” said Shiseido CEO Masahiko Uotani. “Pop star Lady Gaga has been influencing her fans on how one should have her own kind of beauty – there is no need to look like other people. And we embrace that. We want consumers to feel that Shiseido understands them and is relevant to how they want to look.”